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Nano case - Pine
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Nnao case - Iris
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Nnao case - Aqua
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Nnao case - Lotus
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Following Applications are included with iPhone  
iphone make calls
Make calls, with quick access to recent callers, favorites, and all your contacts. Visual
voicemail presents a list of your voicemail messages. Just tap to listen to any message
you want, in any order you want.
iPhone email
Send and receive email using your existing email accounts. iPhone works with the
most popular email systems—including Yahoo! Mail, Google email, AOL, and .Mac
Mail—as well as most industry-standard POP3 and IMAP email systems.
iPhone Safari
Browse any website over a cellular data network or over Wi-Fi. Rotate iPhone sideways
for widescreen viewing. Double-tap to zoom in or out—Safari automatically fits
sections to the iPhone screen for easy reading. Add Safari Web Clips to the Home
screen for fast access to favorite websites.
Listen to your songs, audiobooks, and podcasts. Watch movies and video podcasts in
iphone text
Send and receive SMS text messages with anyone who has an SMS-capable phone.
Conversations are saved in an iChat-like presentation, so you can see a history of
messages you’ve sent and received.
iPhone GPS
iPhone GPS
See a street map, satellite view, or hybrid view of locations around the world. Zoom in
for a closer look. Find your current approximate location. Get detailed driving
directions and see current highway traffic conditions. Find businesses in the area and
call with a single tap.2
iphone itunes Buy music over the air from the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store on iPhone. Find a Wi-Fi hot spot and tap the iTunes button. Then take your pick from more than 6 million songs.
iPhone Calendar
View your iCal, Microsoft Entourage, or Microsoft Outlook calendar synced from
your computer. Enter events on iPhone and they get synced back to your computer.
Set alerts to remind you of events, appointments, and deadlines.
iPhone YouTube
You Tube
Play videos from YouTube’s online collection.1 Search for any video, or browse featured,
most viewed, most recently updated, and top-rated videos.
Add, subtract, multiply, and divide.
Source : Apple Inc.  

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