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Safely diconnect iPod from your computer  

If you haven't set up iPod to be used as a hard disk, just unplug it to disconnect it.

If you use iPod as a hard disk, you must eject or "unmount" it before disconnecting it from your computer. You can tell if iPod is being used as a hard disk if its icon appears in the Finder or in My Computer.

Disconnecting iPod from your computer without ejecting it first can damage files on iPod and on your computer.
To eject iPod:

1. Select your iPod in the iTunes Source list.

2. Click the Eject iPod button in the lower right corner of the iTunes window, as indicated here. The Eject iPod button appears when you select your iPod in the Source list.

When you've successfully ejected iPod, it's safe to disconnect it.

If the "Do not disconnect" screen still appears

If the "Do not disconnect" screen still appears on iPod even though you're sure you've ejected it correctly, you might be able to just disconnect it. Read more about this in article 93492: iPod: How to Disconnect Safely.

Additional ways to eject iPod

In later versions of iTunes, you can just click the eject button that's next to your iPod's name in the Source list.

You can also eject iPod by choosing a menu command in iTunes, or by using a keyboard shortcut:

* From the Controls menu, choose Eject iPod.
* Press Command-E (Mac) or Control-E (Windows).

If iTunes isn't open, you can still eject iPod in the Finder or My Computer.


1. Click the Finder icon in the Dock.
2. Select the iPod icon.
3. From the File menu, choose Eject iPod (Command-E).


1. Double-click My Computer.
2. Right-click the iPod icon.
3. Choose Eject from the shortcut menu.


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