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"Winks are among the thinnest and best designed silicone cases we've encountered"
"The silicone iPod case has been done dozens of times, but rarely quite like this"
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Is this a case or a sticker?  
This is case. We do not manufacture any stickers.  
What are your cases made of?  
Our cases are made with high grade, anti-static silicone. We guarantee that we use the best material available.  
How is it different from other cases?  
ZOFUNK iPod cases are unique. They are the highest quality silicone cases available in the market. Unlike many other cases, ZOFUNK cases have a smooth texture. They are strong, anti-static and dust proof. ZOFUNK cases are ultra slim, they do not add extra bulk to your iPod and preserve the original shape and the look of your iPod.

ZOFUNK iPod cases are simple, elegant and fully protects your iPod.
Is the clickwheel covered?  
YES. Click wheel cover is a part of the iPod case. Click wheel is fully operable from outside.  
Is the click wheel operable from outside?  
YES. The click wheel is fully operable from outside.  
Do you provide screen protector?  
YES. All our cases come with free screen protectors.  
Do I need to take the case off to get to my iPod ports?  
NO. Our iPod nano and ipod video cases provide easy direct access to sync port, hold switch and earphone jack.  
Do I need to take the case off to connect to docking cradle?  
NO. You do not remove the case to connect to docking cradle. You can simply flip the bottom part of the case. Please see images under product features for more detail.  
Which iPods do you make cases for?  
At the moment we only make cases for the iPod nano, 2 or 4 GB and iPod Video, 30 or 60 GB. If you need our case for a different ipod, please send an email to It will help us evaluate adding other products in the future.  

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